~I Believe In Miracles~

Dear Heaven:

I ask for Your Magical Wand

Transform my disappearance to become a swan

Convert any hatred towards me into sand

Do this with the Glory of Your Loving Hand

Make castles so gorgeous that crumble with rain

Heal all of their darkness and cure all their pain

Those souls who lack kindness

Have a blessing of peace and love sent towards them

Have many of them….

Have all eyes of envy admire our ways

Instead of the critical and judgmental craze

Let their thoughts be supportive and well wishes be born

Let their hearts be warm and with compassion form

Let their hands reach out to give and pull up those who fall

Let me be twice of this and let me be all

Which is good…. which is peaceful

Which is patient…. and Divine

Let me never forget that their souls are  like mine

Let us give back a portion of all blessings we’ve received

Give opportunities to others…. they deserve we believe

Let us be patient when their progress is slow

Let them take their pace as long as they grow

Let us help them in ways that they need…. not our own

Let us aid the world for a better day

Let us do it together when at night we pray

Let me be a reminder when I smile or cry

Let this message be known through the depth of my eye.

©Anaid K.C.


~G Y P S Y W O R D S~

Riding into a daydream

my horse so wild

it only responds to the sound of my calling

my gentle calling

spontaneous calling

always for an adventure to come.

Dreaming by day

working by starlight

as I write

I foretell my own fortune

as well as the luck from a few whom I love

I tell of my dreams which hint of our lives

I tell of my instincts

and of my vibes

I am a gypsy.

A trillion of silks envelop my being

a richness of auras embraces my skin

and after all the dancing by the moon tonight

has exhausted my traveling feet

I retire to sleep at the sound of the creek

the creek from which I drink

as the sunlight comes to greet.

I win all my battles

the ones I choose to beat

as I defeat my demons

and the demons on the street

My swords are my own hands

the only palms I cannot read

my eyes could tell stories

which my lips don’t care to speak

I am a wanderer.

I reside under one velvet shawl

I knitted for my fleet

taking nothing from all places

which enrich me while I sleep

I give away my love made treasures

Be they jewels

Be they me

Be they words of wisdom

Be they inspirations to complete

I give my all I have to give

none of it is meant for me and not for keeps

I pass on forward all my knowing

my gold coins

my rose hips

I toss them all up to the Universe

up towards Heaven

Above me

in the hands of the Father

I rest my fate

my destiny

for I know nothing is my own

the Lord is my shepherd

and I His Gypsy.

©Anaid K.C.


That Girl Is Me

The one who listens sympathetically

and tilts her head with compassion

the one who says everything will be fine

no matter how tough the road may go

the one who never lashes or judges your words

keeping comments and cheap advice to herself

The one whom when angry silences in retrospection

and thinks through outside of her own view

then speaking a thoughtful truth from the heart

not having to eat her words the next day

The only who is genuinely happy

for another’s wins and glories

and doesn’t feel threatened

nor repressed by their rise

The one who knows with grand certainty

the world is ever turning

and she may be on the other side tomorrow

Yet this world is masked under chemicals

drowned in dark music

dark thinking & dark rain

the very fuel which creates pain

a world full of judgement

though not by occupation

they hide in work, in food,

or in frustration

spending and wasting thoughts in vengeance

as oppose to CREATING BEAUTY

Sad but true

is darkness prevailing?

Somehow I dodge away

hoping my heart is safe from hatred

This race claims “normalcy”

but I’m the girl who is the exception.


©Anaid K.C.

The Check & The Mate


You know the one that I am now.

You’ve seen me at my worst difficult times,

you saw my “strength” and “warrior” come out

attempt their best at life.

I don’t regret anything but I am changed.

I’m not so fragile and delicately sensitive

that’s a good thing for me.

Nor would I repeat my errors.

I will balance my wills better, and I do.

I will stand on fertile soils and not beat the concrete senseless.

I will make new mistakes and learn new lessons,

but I believe I will do so more carefully

more gently with others and myself.

I know that I hurt  twice holding the toxins.

Don’t know how to knock my walls down

because I’m fond of them.

It’s safe to me

even though I’m inside with the poison!!

And it’s making me extravagantly ill!

I guess all in due time.

I need to be gentle

Protect myself through thick and thin like my life depended on it…

and it does!

All the resentments have not disappeared

they were frozen in time

and have taken over my physical body to get my attention.

My “life”, as people knew it,

was placed on “checkmate”

I won that …battle-game.

I built barriers and I still stand behind them.

When one is hurting or clouded it’s another story.

The thing with the school of life is…

just when you think you’re good and clear and got it,

you get quizzed and put in front of those whom you’d rather evade.

That’s when all info goes bananas….

If I could draw a line in the sand and say…

“As of today I start all over,

new people, new world”

then I’d be super great!

No problem.

But of course it’s true…I can create my world

but I can’t run away and not face my demons.

So I have been pushing away

ignoring them all my life.

It’s what I do.

So I read this quote in a “Conversations With God”…

“Live a life that is nourishing,


taking you someplace,

by changing ANY aspect of your life that you no longer find joyful.”  p.202

A new world ahead

new and better ways to be a part,

and one,

with the world and nature.

We influence a change in every person we come into contact with

and it is very simply either of love or fear.

You always have to play it by ear,

which means on the last played note,

not the songs of yesterday,

nor anticipating on the yet to be played.

I resent very much people who seemed apparently loving

but were actually never capable of loving because they were afraid of loss.

And I feel, in retrospect, like a pun in their game!

Be well with YOU

that brings out a whole other ball game.

Romantic love is only a small dividend of the whole in a woman’s life.

Give time, dedication,

love, and attention to ALL your houses of Self………..


Don’t give it a yay, nor a nay but just keep focusing.

The more you try to fight off or figure out your shadow,

the more you empower it.

It will entertain you all day

and all night if you let it…..even in your dreams.

But before “it” starts putting ideas on you

about what you may want to do to avoid it…

know that the more you go against it the more it sticks.

It will go to immeasurable lengths to be,

and to have control over you,

because it only want is to survive


women in particular arrive here too late,

or never get pass the point

or at least not until they are much older

and they miss out on living in the Light.

So be grateful to have arrived,

be grateful to be privileged

with the knowledge of the grand challenge.

How long this phase takes you

is all up to you,

but “time” is an illusion,

so more importantly is really getting it,

rather than how long it takes.

We all have a “Light” self,

I will call it that……And we all have a “shadow” self.

YOU and you only.

Lets focus on that

leave the rest for later,

as later it will take care of itself.

Life rearranges itself in relation to our inner status.

We attract, or repel, depending on our inner energy,

so looking within is crucial in any situation

even when it seems exterior.


©Anaid K.C.

Hello world! Here is My Promise

My Promise…

If you shall fall I’ll catch you.

And if you’re already there I am here.

Right there in the dark

where you are all alone

I have come for you

with the certainty that I can lift you up

Though you’ve taken off your gloves in hopeless defeat,

and though you might believe it’s been a mirrored maze with a dead end.

I would not have come without a key,

and cross my heart there is an exit.

If you’d only trust and take my hand,

there’s nothing else left to lose.

If you’ve ever felt inflicted,


as if you have been long waiting,

and if you’ve asked “why me?”

Let me share with you some answers,

and some truths to set you free.


©Anaid K.C.