~God’s Beloved~

 How to even begin to mourn your absence?
How when it would be
As erroneous as
Mourning spilled milk a midst a storm
A cup that has overflowed
And a face of tears disguised in rain
How to even begin to count ONE loss?
When outside the doors are wide and reappearing
When I’ve come across a golden gate
A heart full of wander
And a Soul blessed in His name
I AM God’s beloved spoiled one
Too thankful to cry
Much too in love with LIFE
To even know what lonely is
Too suppressed by struggle
To have the time to look for a fifth leg
Much too grateful
Much too awestruck
Much living a MIRACLE
I AM God’s beloved
Spoiled one
And all I have done
Was pray in the rain.    

                                                                                                                                                                                     ©Anaid K.C.


~ I Could Be ~

If you’d be braver
how to live?
If you’d be coward-less and manly
I could be the girl
I could cry
then perhaps my heart would not break literally
but of love-ache. . .
I could be the girl.

If you’d be braver
how to die?
If you’ve convinced me otherwise at last
that I could live
I am alive
now perhaps I am another all the same
but of life without you. . .
I could be BRAVE.

~ * ~

©Anaid K.C.


~ If Forever Only Lasts Till Yesterday ~

I cannot think of a better way to have spent my last years

If that is to be the case

I’d never felt as free … as alive

Being held strongly there in your arms

gently enough to dance with you

A multitude of fond memories I have accumulated with you

Even though at times I thought

if we were broken… “How could we be apart forever?”

We could not!


with the assumption that “forever” was a long time


I am seeing the world through different eyes

In my heart I am still me…

-the naive one-

who just once more believes whole heartedly in a miracle

One that will vanish away any illness present

as if it’d never been there at all.

And if…God’s will differs from mine

I will bow in total resignation & acceptance

somehow blessed I would honor my fate

for it is in my Lord’s hands.

 ©Anaid K.C.


~My Lies~

Night after night of keeping awake

I wonder if this might be “it”

the beginning?

or the end?

I revise all I’ve known

nothing seems the same 

Its all been colored differently

for the rest of time

Short time? 

or long days? 

I’ve paused life

to simply await answers

attempting to prepare

for the best and the worst 

I keep my anguish to myself

Out loud I say that I will be o.k.

I lie 

I wonder what will result 

if I’ll laugh or I will cry 

Who will I run to in relief

or in despair? 

Once I stop pretending I am o.k. 

~ . ~


©Anaid K.C. 

~My Number One Star~

What else could there ever be…  My number One

Not all the water of the ocean could ever survive

Not without our Love’s birth

Not without our walks on the shore

Not without your kiss by the moon over the sea

Not without the way we’d greet the dawn & the Light

Not without you & me

Dolphins swam on the horizon

Of a new day for you & I

As one more kiss of a million we would daily be

As the whole Universe in an order just too intertwined

Became for us to see

What else could there ever be?

Or ever has been… My number One

Not all the ocean

Not the seven seas

Could say you were not my star…

My number One


©Anaid K.C.

~My Husband~

He is a beautiful person to me

not perfect

nor am I

nor is any other


I am captivated by his heart

which is GRAND & REAL

more so than most beings I’ve known

His voice is heroic


 it carries the honor

of great victories


of profound pain.

He is a survivor


©Anaid K.C.

~Lion’s Heart~

He roars

yet is sweet

He hunts 

and he sleeps

He is King 

gallant & tall

He is my Love

He is my ALL.

He has traveled far

in the wild


finding my smile.

Through rocks, rain & sun

we’ve held on to our song

‘Cause I know… 

when there’s thunder

I can settle his storm 

with ALL of MY LOVE…


(R.I.P My Love)

~ ♥ ~ 

©Anaid K.C.