I yearn to cry in this instant

Only to relieve my soul

From years & years of holding back

Afraid of tears


I want to cry

Naked today

Only to cleanse all of my skin

The piercing wound I’ve inflicted on myself this time

In the place where I took my first breath


I want to shed a peaceful tear

On a terrace of hopes & dreams

At the sight of luminous mountains

Without regret

Without censor

I want to Be


I want to ponder on the Truth

To say I’ve loved so faithfully


Without self glance
and lift it all in prayer
to God’s very hands

For blessing in His own way


I want to pray &  shed a tear

A word that says “I AM”

An unspoken voice that runs from ties

And a heart surviving

In magical Grace

For as many days as Heaven wishes…

That I Be. 

~ * ~


©Anaid K.C.


~Love Is Where Your Heart Is Well~

~Sooner or later

one comes to a place…

a moment

in which one as an individual…

or as a woman,

just KNOWS

that one must go on.

Leaving behind

that which does not fit

letting go of all

which makes one’s stomach ill,

growing abroad

farther than one’s birth place,

farther than

one’s imagination could have thought.

Because the Heart is lead by Spirit

and in letting God…

one must let go and BE.

Be whole without decay

Be full without struggle

Be open without concern


No worries to make the heart so toxic

it marks your face for all time,

no strains to make your hair frail off and gray,

just safe

in the Peace of Silence and Being.

Sooner rather than later

the day comes

when you have to choose

the child you have brought into the Earth

the pet you adopted FOR LIFE

and last but not least


Then later

one day…

or one night

far far from then

you will have KNOWN

that in no other way

could you have BEEN.

That all which you salvaged

has saved YOU…

your very LIFE!!

 That day you will certify…

make official


for ALL time.

That day…

sooner rather than later

you will have TRUSTED YOURSELF.

That day…

sooner rather than later

you will have learned that…

LOVE is where YOUR heart is WELL.


©Anaid K.C.



Tears join me

for a new dance

the joyful one

the one which envelops me

with Peace I’ve never known

not before

’till NOW.

I sing & I dance

not knowing “how”

the melody of Truth

has found me homeless

It has sheltered me

with Love I’ve never known

not before

’till NOW.

I fall back on a cloud

that evaporates all yesterdays

I open my eyes

to step forward somehow

unknowing I feel at ease

with the Stillness & the Silence

I have always known

within ME…

Could I BE HOME?

©Anaid K.C.



When I was growing up…

I THOUGHT that PEACE meant not rocking the boat …

I THOUGHT that SUCCESS meant staying grounded …

I THOUGHT that LOVE meant to sacrifice the self …


I KNOW that I choose my surroundings

I KNOW that richness is in change

I KNOW that home is where the heart is


I FEEL harmony in my space

I FEEL abundant in my ways


I am as whole as ONE.

©Anaid K.C.

~Hope… Love… & You

The human experience

as an empath woman



eternally rewarding

if survived




The human experience

as a creator woman



always appreciated

if woven




The human experience

as a woman alone



truly lingers

if conquered




If only you will let it.

©Anaid K.C.

~Violet Rain~


There is something inside me
That won’t let me cease the way ahead
To a world so exciting
That will carry me to a brighter day
Though the voices of darkness
Cloud my space with their webs
I won’t fade in their cloudy stormy ways
For the gray gloomy words they speak my way
Fall right pass me as rain that clears its self away
So no evil can harm me
It’s bounced quickly back to where it came
And my heart keeps on dancing
Through the storms I am well
My soul dwells in this bright beam
Of the 7th violet healing rain
That remains ever-present
In my dreams or when I wake
It’s the color inside me
That comes through my voice when I speak
And the calmness about me that others so seek
It’s what soothes those around me
Why babies sleep in my embrace
It’s the warm gentle touch that caresses each day
Violet rain that embodies all that’s greater than I
Lets the world meet my goddess
When they look in my eyes
Fairy dust in my veins
That won’t let me astray
Deepest treasure so violet
Lives in me for always.

©Anaid K.C.

~G Y P S Y W O R D S~

Riding into a daydream

my horse so wild

it only responds to the sound of my calling

my gentle calling

spontaneous calling

always for an adventure to come.

Dreaming by day

working by starlight

as I write

I foretell my own fortune

as well as the luck from a few whom I love

I tell of my dreams which hint of our lives

I tell of my instincts

and of my vibes

I am a gypsy.

A trillion of silks envelop my being

a richness of auras embraces my skin

and after all the dancing by the moon tonight

has exhausted my traveling feet

I retire to sleep at the sound of the creek

the creek from which I drink

as the sunlight comes to greet.

I win all my battles

the ones I choose to beat

as I defeat my demons

and the demons on the street

My swords are my own hands

the only palms I cannot read

my eyes could tell stories

which my lips don’t care to speak

I am a wanderer.

I reside under one velvet shawl

I knitted for my fleet

taking nothing from all places

which enrich me while I sleep

I give away my love made treasures

Be they jewels

Be they me

Be they words of wisdom

Be they inspirations to complete

I give my all I have to give

none of it is meant for me and not for keeps

I pass on forward all my knowing

my gold coins

my rose hips

I toss them all up to the Universe

up towards Heaven

Above me

in the hands of the Father

I rest my fate

my destiny

for I know nothing is my own

the Lord is my shepherd

and I His Gypsy.

©Anaid K.C.