~Sooner or later

one comes to a place…

a moment

in which one as an individual…

or as a woman,

just KNOWS

that one must go on.

Leaving behind

that which does not fit

letting go of all

which makes one’s stomach ill,

growing abroad

farther than one’s birth place,

farther than

one’s imagination could have thought.

Because the Heart is lead by Spirit

and in letting God…

one must let go and BE.

Be whole without decay

Be full without struggle

Be open without concern


No worries to make the heart so toxic

it marks your face for all time,

no strains to make your hair frail off and gray,

just safe

in the Peace of Silence and Being.

Sooner rather than later

the day comes

when you have to choose

the child you have brought into the Earth

the pet you adopted FOR LIFE

and last but not least


Then later

one day…

or one night

far far from then

you will have KNOWN

that in no other way

could you have BEEN.

That all which you salvaged

has saved YOU…

your very LIFE!!

 That day you will certify…

make official


for ALL time.

That day…

sooner rather than later

you will have TRUSTED YOURSELF.

That day…

sooner rather than later

you will have learned that…

LOVE is where YOUR heart is WELL.


©Anaid K.C.



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