There is something inside me
That won’t let me cease the way ahead
To a world so exciting
That will carry me to a brighter day
Though the voices of darkness
Cloud my space with their webs
I won’t fade in their cloudy stormy ways
For the gray gloomy words they speak my way
Fall right pass me as rain that clears its self away
So no evil can harm me
It’s bounced quickly back to where it came
And my heart keeps on dancing
Through the storms I am well
My soul dwells in this bright beam
Of the 7th violet healing rain
That remains ever-present
In my dreams or when I wake
It’s the color inside me
That comes through my voice when I speak
And the calmness about me that others so seek
It’s what soothes those around me
Why babies sleep in my embrace
It’s the warm gentle touch that caresses each day
Violet rain that embodies all that’s greater than I
Lets the world meet my goddess
When they look in my eyes
Fairy dust in my veins
That won’t let me astray
Deepest treasure so violet
Lives in me for always.

©Anaid K.C.


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