Dear Heaven:

I ask for Your Magical Wand

Transform my disappearance to become a swan

Convert any hatred towards me into sand

Do this with the Glory of Your Loving Hand

Make castles so gorgeous that crumble with rain

Heal all of their darkness and cure all their pain

Those souls who lack kindness

Have a blessing of peace and love sent towards them

Have many of them….

Have all eyes of envy admire our ways

Instead of the critical and judgmental craze

Let their thoughts be supportive and well wishes be born

Let their hearts be warm and with compassion form

Let their hands reach out to give and pull up those who fall

Let me be twice of this and let me be all

Which is good…. which is peaceful

Which is patient…. and Divine

Let me never forget that their souls are  like mine

Let us give back a portion of all blessings we’ve received

Give opportunities to others…. they deserve we believe

Let us be patient when their progress is slow

Let them take their pace as long as they grow

Let us help them in ways that they need…. not our own

Let us aid the world for a better day

Let us do it together when at night we pray

Let me be a reminder when I smile or cry

Let this message be known through the depth of my eye.

©Anaid K.C.


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