The one who listens sympathetically

and tilts her head with compassion

the one who says everything will be fine

no matter how tough the road may go

the one who never lashes or judges your words

keeping comments and cheap advice to herself

The one whom when angry silences in retrospection

and thinks through outside of her own view

then speaking a thoughtful truth from the heart

not having to eat her words the next day

The only who is genuinely happy

for another’s wins and glories

and doesn’t feel threatened

nor repressed by their rise

The one who knows with grand certainty

the world is ever turning

and she may be on the other side tomorrow

Yet this world is masked under chemicals

drowned in dark music

dark thinking & dark rain

the very fuel which creates pain

a world full of judgement

though not by occupation

they hide in work, in food,

or in frustration

spending and wasting thoughts in vengeance

as oppose to CREATING BEAUTY

Sad but true

is darkness prevailing?

Somehow I dodge away

hoping my heart is safe from hatred

This race claims “normalcy”

but I’m the girl who is the exception.


©Anaid K.C.


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